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September 11, 2012 / vigovoli

Chapter 2 – Theoretical Approaches to Gender Development

 In this chapter 2 of Wood’s Gendered Lives she explores the different theories on gender development. She encourages readers to find what its prudent from each view and from there built your own guidelines for your belief.

 Biological Theories of Gender: It studies the different capacities of the X and Y chromosomes, and how that might play a role into ones gender.

 Interpersonal Theories of Gender: These theories all focus on the formulating of gender.

– Psychodynamic Theories: Interpersonal relationship within family and how it affects child’s identity and gender.

Psychological Theories like Social Learning Theory and Cognitive Development Theory focus on the interpersonal affect related to gender.

– Social Learning: Individuals learn their femininity or masculinity from television, movies and music.

– Cognitive Theory: Studies how individuals learn their gender through interactions with others and themselves, through reinforcement and punishment.

  Cultural Theories: It is a global understanding on how cultures play a role into the development of gender.

– Anthropology: Across the world views on society standards are different and play a different role into peoples lives and views.  

– Symbolic Interactionism: Through communication we with peers we learn who we are within our culture.

 Critical Theories: Standpoint Theory and Queer Performative

Lise Eliot wrote a book on the differences between boys and girls called “Pink Brain, Blue Brain”. In this clip the author talks about the book and her researches;

Is our gender constructed by nature or nurture?

Do you remember feeling pressure of society over your actions, likes and dislikes?


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